Pere Valls’ origins go back to the mills of Cal Jan, a set of three paper mills built in the mid-16th century after a building permit was signed by the Montserrat Abbot himself, Pedro de Burgos. The history of the papermaking profession of the Valls family, however, can be found once the Spanish War of Succession ended in one of these three mills, named “Molí del mig”, where Joan Valls began a career in the world of paper manufacturing which currently, nine family generations later, we still keep alive and faithful to its origins.

Without forgetting where we come from, three centuries after, our permanent cutting-edge desire allows us to have a high level of Technology in controlling manufacturing and quality that today is the basis of our mark of identity: versatility in offering custom solutions, innovation in giving new uses for paper, flexibility in covering the needs of our customers with new services and the quality demands of our products. At Pere Valls we are constantly evolving, in order to today manufacture what our customers will request from us tomorrow.